Five Domains

The standards in Pre-K known as the New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core, specify five key areas of learning and development known as the Five Domains.

Approaches to Learning

How children become involved in learning and acquiring knowledge
Physical Development and Health

Children’s physical health and ability to engage in daily activities
Social and Emotional Development

The emotional competence and ability to form positive relationships that give meaning to children’s experiences in the home, school and larger community
Communication, Language and Literacy

Children’s understanding, creating and communicating meaning
Cognition and Knowledge of the World

What children need to know and understand about their world, and how they apply what they know

Units of Study

We follow NYC Department of Education Pre-K for all interdisciplinary units of study.

The development of inquiry and critical thinking is a consistent thread throughout all Units.

Units provide opportunities for content exploration and skill-building that are aligned with the NYC DOE Kindergarten Social Studies and Science Scope and Sequence.

Units assist teaching teams in nurturing inquiry, language and problem-solving skills through their organization of the classroom environment, interactions with students, use of purposeful play, incorporation of books, other texts, new vocabulary, and family engagement practices.

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